Bands, Discography, and Musical Endeavors

I do enjoy performing as a solo act, but I also enjoy performing in a band.  Whether performing live to an audience or recording in the studio, over my lifetime of playing music I've been privileged to have performed and collaborated with many great musicians and songwriters.  Here is my brief look back at the bands, performances, albums, and recordings of which I have been a part.  When possible I've tried to include key artifacts such as recordings and pictures.  Enjoy...

- Stevie



Early Years

I began playing piano at age 6 and then drums at age 10.  I performed in numerous orchestra, band, and musical theater productions throughout my school years.  It seems that music has always been a part of my life even from an early age growing up listening to everything from Beethoven to Belafonte, Motown to Rock & Roll,  Big Band to Jazz, Folk music to Techno-Pop, The Beatles to Blue-eyed Soul, Eagles to ELP, Deep Purple to Sly & Family Stone.  So many genres, bands, styles ... and I liked them all.


At age 16 while living in Cleveland, I was recruited by John Goodworth to play drums for the St. Adalbert's Girls Choir, aka Just Us.  A Godspell-like youth choir from the Cleveland suburb of Berea, Just Us was booked multiple times on local Cleveland TV variety shows, including The Jerry Lewis Telethon, Polka Varieties, and The Gene Carroll Show.

Just Us Centennial Celebration (1973)

Just Us

I recorded the drum tracks on this 45 with John Goodworth (guitar), Gene Kunda (bass), and the St. Adalbert's Girls Choir called Just Us. Recorded at the famous Cleveland Recording Studio with Ken Hamaan as Engineer (James Gang, Grand Funk), I played on Jimmy Fox's (James Gang) drum set because I arrived late to the session due to car problems. All other tracks were finished by the time I arrived and Mr. Hamaan didn't want to setup my kit, so he pointed to Jimmy's kit in the corner of the studio where The James Gang was setup to record. That certainly worked out well for me!

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The High School GARAGE BAND with no name 

At age 17, my friends and I decided to start a rock band.  Since we were all drummers, we decided that our buddy Dave should be the drummer since he had the coolest kit: a Ludwig double-tom clear acrylic set!  I switched to keyboards/vox and my friend Carl brought his guitar.  We recruited Tommy for lead guitar work and Jim for bass.  We were the epitome of a garage band with our cobbled up equipment and less than polished sound.  I played a Farfisa Combo organ through John Goodworth's borrowed Leslie.  We only played 2 times: once in Dave's basement for his New Year's Eve party and lastly in my parents' living room for my High School graduation party [ LOL emoji goes here].  While we were far from great, our playlist was great:  Paranoid (Black Sabbath), Sweet Lorraine & Easy Livin' (Uriah Heep), Into The Sun (Grand Funk), Rocky Mountain Way (Joe Walsh), Evil Ways (Santana), China Grove (Doobie Bros).  We thought we were rock stars!

SOLO and Coffehouses  

After high school, I attended college at The University of Toledo ( little did I know I would end up in the Toledo area for the next 40+ years).  While at U of Toledo, I performed solo piano at several campus coffee house concerts and also performed at the piano bar at The Southwyck Lounge in Toledo.   It was the 70's so I played a steady diet of The Beatles, Billy Joel, and Elton John.

Miniture Buzzurd

1st Gig - misspelled our name

1st Gig - misspelled our name

Around 1985, after seeing Scott Shaull and Danny Overton perform, I knew I wanted to play in a band with them someday.  We started Miniture Buzzurd and eventually recruited Dave Foreman from Findlay, OH.   The bar owner at our very 1st show misspelled our name on the marquee and of course, much like the story of Lynyrd Skynyrd's name, we decided to keep it misspelled.  We played 70/80's rock and were a solid band and a good draw in NW Ohio from Toledo area to Bowling Green to Lima.  At our peak, we had an extended, busy schedule: 6 weeks of Th,Fri,Sat nights, then 1 week off.  We were together until summer 1990.  Buzzurd reunions have taken place, with Mark Stears taking the bass duties allowing Scott to focus on acoustic and rhythm guitar.  As it turned out, I ended up performing with each of these 4 guys in future bands.

Classic line-up:  Scott Shaull (vox/bass/acousitic/guitar), Danny Overton (drums), Dave Foreman (vox/lead guitar), Stevie (vox/keys)
other members: Honorary Buzzurd Mark Stears (bass), Tom Jaqua (original guitarist), Russ Wangler (guitar). 

Live at The Hollow Inn

Miniture Buzzurd

One of the Buzzurd's popular destinations was the Hollow Inn in McCutchenville, OH. We recorded a live demo there with the help of our then soundman, Craig Herrig.

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Edwin Dare

Incredible musicianship in this band which included Bryce Barnes, Jeff Kollman, Kevin Chown, and Tommy Kollman (RIP).   I worked with Edwin Dare as a session musician from 1990-1994, providing keyboard support both in the studio and for live performances.  Along with their numerous headlining performances, ED also opened for many national acts including Dream Theater, Ronnie Montrose, Lita Ford, and Foreigner.

Mark Mikel

Tongue 'n Groove

Scott Shaull Duo


Big Red Deluxe

Solo & Duo revived

Buzzurd Blues Project

UB Bluesin' It