Stevie's Solo Request List

During Stevie's Solo shows the audience can select songs from his play list.   

If you are at a Live Show, you can make a request from this list!  
Click on the button below to open the current Request List. 

Songs are always being added based on audience requests, so don't be afraid to ask!  

Want to see the songs grouped together by Artist on Stevie's Request List?  
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Solo Demo Music

Stevie's SOLO demo music shows the variety of styles and genres performed at his shows.  From Today's Music to Way Back When, Rock to Country, the Hits to Deep Cuts … Stevie plays it all.  Using his amazing keyboard sounds, he covers a variety of songs that everyone enjoys.   

 Use the Solo Demo Mix for a quick listen to several pre-selected tracks.  

All songs recorded [Live] except as noted in track "Info".

Solo Demo Mix

Use this player for an assortment of snippets demonstrating some of the many Genres, Styles, and Sounds that Stevie covers.  
(from pre-selected LIVE tracks -  about  60 seconds each )


Solo full length tracks

Here are full length tracks of Stevie's Demo Music presenting some of the many Genres, Styles, and Sounds that he covers.  
Click on "Info" for track notes including recording date & location.

Solo Videos

Video Demo Mix - Video clips from several live Solo performances. Songs arranged and performed by Stevie Eyer.  Recorded Live 2018 - 2022 at various locations in Ohio.


Hey There Delilah (song by Plain White T's) as performed by Stevie Eyer.  Recorded August 2018 at The Bait House River Bar, Port Clinton, OH.

Daniel (song by Elton John) as arranged and performed by Stevie Eyer.  Recorded October 2021 at Happy Street Brü Werks, Mount Vernon, OH. 

View more videos on Stevie's YouTube Channel