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Miniture Buzzurd

The Hollow Inn, circa 1989 (L to R): Stevie, Dave, Scott, Danny O. (photo Ross Eyer)

Around 1985, after seeing Scott Shaull and Danny Overton perform, I knew I wanted to play in a band with them someday.  We started Miniture Buzzurd and eventually recruited Dave Foreman from Findlay, OH around the end of 1987.   We played 70/80's rock and were a good draw in NW Ohio from Toledo to Bowling Green to Lima.  The band's live chemistry and energy was undeniable.  Our playlists were a great mix of current 80's and classic rock - dance and deep cuts.  At our peak, we had an extended, busy schedule: 6 weeks of Th,Fri,Sat nights, then 1 week off.  We played hard, burned out fast, and although we were together only until 1990, but we made forever friendships.  Buzzurd reunions have taken place, with Mark Stears filling the bass duties allowing Scott to focus on acoustic and rhythm guitar.  As it turned out, I ended up performing with Danny, Scott, Dave and Mark in future bands.

   Classic line-up:  
- Scott Shaull (vox/bass/acousitic),
- Danny Overton (drums),
- Dave Foreman (vox/lead guitar),
- Stevie (vox/keys)
other Buzzurds:  - Mark Stears (bass, Reunion Buzzurd), 
                              - Tom Jaqua (original guitarist),
                              - Russ Wangler (guitar 1987). 

1st Gig - our name in lights

Live Skutch

Miniture Buzzurd

One of Miniture Buzzurd's popular destinations was The Hollow Inn in McCutchenville, OH. MB was well liked not only for our on-stage energy and chemistry, but our playlists included everyone's favorite dance tunes plus many deep cuts too.

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Here's a video from the archives of a deep cut we covered called "California Man".   Cheap Trick covered this Roy Wood (ELO, The Move) penned song on their album "Heaven Tonight" (the one with Surrender).   Our video was recorded at The Hollow Inn in 1988 and it became one of our favorite power rock tunes.  

Here's another deep cut from the Buzzurd archives.  Also recorded in 1988 at The Hollow Inn - MB covering Rough Boy by ZZ Top.